Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WWI was caused by the French Revolution

Bill White writes:
The Austro-Hungarian Empire [1867-1918] was the first unwanted experiment of a unified Middle Europe. It consisted of such diverse national groups with different languages and backgrounds as Italian, Romanian, Slovakian, Serbian, Croatian, German, and Hungarian. As long as these groups were antagonizing each other, the Hapsburgs of Austria could impose their authority. But as soon as efforts of agreement and union were successful, the Hapsburgs lost control. [The liberal Lajos] Kossuth was wise enough not to see enemies in the surrounding nationalists who spoke another language Kossuth cherished a dream of a a Danube Basin Confederation to connect all states situated on the Danube into a political-cultural-commercial unity of friendship and common interest. What he dreamed was a seed for a future United States of Europe. Joseph Domjan, Hungarian Heroes and Legends, 1963. (Example of liberal propaganda in a children's book.)
There's more truth to this than people think. The attempt to unify different nations based on ideology was fundamentally a liberal trope, because once you deposed natural aristocracy and replaced culture with ideological concerns, the only ability to unite people was politics. This is how WWI was a direct result of the French Revolution.

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Andrew Anglin of Total Fascism attacks Troy Southgate of the National Anarchist Movement

From Troy Southgate:
A short time ago I mentioned that I had been labelled a 'fake nationalist' by Andrew Anglin of the Total Fascism (TF) website. Given that I am not even a nationalist, this seems fairly ridiculous. I was also called a 'traitor' for meeting up with the anti-Zionist rabbi, Ahron Cohen, someone I admire tremendously. However, the deluded denizens of TF do not seem to mind that Anglin fails to live up to the ethnic rigors demanded by their own supremacist website. More seriously, the link below - which was forwarded to me earlier today - not only includes video footage of Anglin with his Philippino girlfriend, but also claims that he has an unhealthy interest in underage girls and that his father may work for the United Nations. Regardless of the truth of these allegations, Anglin's feigned obsession with the Jewish bogeyman is clearly designed to perpetuate the kind of transient Hollywood Nutzism that only serves the interests of those it purports to oppose.

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