Saturday, January 11, 2003

Dear America

Dear America,

Please get your Priorities straight. If we're going to be multicultural, we have to preserve the communities that exist without adulteration or we'll destroy our diversity within a few generations. It doesn't make sense to be so destructively hell-bent on wealth- and genetic-wealth-redistribution. The war in Iraq is a much more pressing concern, when many innocents are about to be slaughtered, presumably because we don't mind losing normal Iraqi lives even if they are victims of their dictator-president, as we allege.

About 2,000 in Los Angeles march against war

4,000 people gathered Saturday for a rally against racism

Some things are just taboo in our Americanized view of the world, and those are being against freedom and being against racial intermixture. That's individual rights! Payback for slavery! It's going to happen anyway! You're a Nazi!

But outside of our own fear, is there any reason to think this? Trying to mix different communities consciously because of our pretense of being "more moral" than Iraq (although our lifestyle kills many more than Saddam Hussein will) is not logical. Protesting the Iraq war may be.

Sunday, January 05, 2003

If All Bad Parents Killed Their Kids, The Gene Pool Would Thrive

The other day, something happened. A young girl (2 years old) in the UK was beaten to death by her family, while social workers were afraid to intervene. You can read more here.

My response?

I say give the parents a medal.

1 - They were obviously unfit as parents.
2 - Humanity is overpopulated.

Instead of raising another half-pissed, half-useless human, they simply terminated the little idiot-in-training. Right on! These people understand correctly.

If society - like the big, bad 'n' brave armchair warriors we see all over the internet, loudly clamoring about what is "right" and to what they are entitled - wants to do something about this, give them a coupon for a free sterilization as well.

In the world of nature, they're small but still valid success stories.

America is So Liberal We Believe Freedom is Conformity

I was waltzing through a website the other day with a no good frame of mind, looking for images to pirate, when I came across some people talking the typical liberal bloviation that is the hallmark of our time.

I know you're trained to disagree, but actually open your mind for once. This whole era is liberal - brought on by liberal religions, liberal attitudes toward markets, and liberalization of society from a sensible tribal order into the dystopian, dysfunctional and degenerate civilization of "the now."

America is so liberal that we actually pretend to care what each and every person thinks about two choices on an issue (voting), and we don't bother to educate or allow competition or foster hierarchy or do anything else that would allow the more intelligent and capable to rise above the lumpy, television-addicted masses.

So out of the clouds far above a liberal reality of revenge, egalitarianism and masturbatory self-congratulatory "morality," I descended like the Red Baron until I had the enemy in my sites, and let fly with:

"Prejudice and discrimination are great, if used correctly. I never work with Christians, hire Christians or date Christians. Why? Because in my view, Christianity is the most twisted and useless religion ever, and I don't want to associate with it.

Some would call that 'hate' and 'prejudice' but I'd call it my personal integrity at work."

I'm sure that tummies are fluttering, keys are flying and rage is fomenting as I type this, but in my view, this statement opens up a new world of something so democratic all good Americans should support it.

The only changes that really matter in this place, America, and the world following its path, are economic ones. So let's see a real diversity of opinion. If we're really democratic, we can handle any opinion too, right?

Some don't like blacks. Boycott them.

Some don't like atheists. Boycott them.

Some don't like drug users. Same there.

When I say "boycott," I mean "discriminate." If your favorite grocery store is owned by your target, go to the one down the street that isn't. And so on. Anytime you have two options, and one coincides with your dislike, take the other.

Unfortunately, that's not how liberals see things - they believe in an objective morality and a need to make us all behave like liberals. More's the pity for that, as it not only crushes diversity but doesn't allow us the option to express our character and decisions in any significant fashion.