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The Interview That Antifa Wants Destroyed

For the past week, our sites have been under attack by an Antifa/Dreipfeil botnet. Last night they began attacking the page that houses this interview. Since it upsets them so much, I reproduce it here for the enjoyment of our readers.Spinoza Ray Prozak Interviewthis interview with mutlu yetkin of turkish fanzine studyoimge turned out to be a great insight into metal and the subject alike. if you live in turkey, support these guys, as they're thinking clearly in a world of fogbrains. My oeuvre is an 'objective' retrospective that demands an individuality-neutral kind of writing. So while i'm aware that nothing is absolutely value-free, no gaze can be as neutral as to be purely objective and Metal can not be stripped down of it's instincts; i force myself to avoid questioning the authenticity of different approaches. I just try to trace the mutations of the Metal aesthetic and cover all that has been placed under the banners i focus on, while not staying totally bli…

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